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Laser cutting machine cutting plywood feathers.

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About OnLine Laser


OnLine Laser is a blend of premium materials and the latest in laser cutting technology coordinated by a unique team; a series of innovations in production level that made the once impossible, possible.


OnLine Laser allows you to get a perfect, high quality piece of art (or engineering) that you designed using familiar tools – in single quantities or at higher volume production runs. And we managed to do this so affordable, that it makes sense.


Using your familiar design programs like Corel, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Solidworks, and Autocad, simply send us your dxf file, and we’ll send you laser cut parts.


In essence, OnLine Laser is your partner. A partner that opens up a whole new world for businesses, designers, engineers, artists and hobbyists that helps accelerate your project.

Markets Served

Just as technologies can be disruptive, the way we make our technologies work for many markets can be disruptive, too. Distributed manufacturing (DM) – local, small-scale, rapid design and production – comes from the ability to engineer and make few parts as cheaply as many, rather than the current model of high-volume, centralized manufacturing.  The benefit is passed on to you in the form of high quality, rapid laser cut parts cut and shipped to your door.


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Makers, Designers, & Engineers

Architecture: Cladding, Fence, Railing


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